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Limited Liability Partnership
Annual Package for your Company
@Just Rs. 7000

(consultancy Fees)

What you will get-
Filing of annual return + Consultancy + Drafting of Resolutions + Compulsory Annual KYC for Designated Partners

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Required Documents

  • Statement of Accounts

  • Incorporation Certificate


Q. What is annual filing in case of LLP?

A. LLP’s re required to file two forms to ROC every year –
1. Form 11 – Annual Return of LLP
2. Form 8 – Statement of Accounts

Q. Who is responsible to file the returns?

A. Designated Partners are responsible to file the returns.

Q. What are the Compliances exemptions for LLP?

A. There are many privileges for LLP in comparison to a Private Limited company, in terms of exemptions from maintenance of Minutes book, Statutory registers, Annual general meeting and flexible tax rates.

Q. Are provisions of Board Meeting also applicable to LLP?

A. No, Provisions of Board Meeting are related to the Directors and there is no concept of Directors in LLP, therefore those provisions are not applicable to LLP.

Q. What is the due date of the annual filing?

A. Due date of Form 11 is 30th May every year and for Form 8 due date is 30th October every year.

Q. Is there any penalty for non-filing or late filing?

A. Penalty for non-filing is Rs 100 per day per form.

Q. Are provisions of AGM also applicable to LLP?

A. No, AGM is not required for an LLP. AGM is a once in a year meeting for Shareholders of the Company. As there is no concept of shareholding in an LLP, no AGM is to be held.

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