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ROC One Person Company
Annual Package for your Company
@ Just Rs. 10000/-

(consultancy Fees)

What you will get –
Annual Filing + Auditor appointment + Drafting of Notices, Agendas and Minutes of Board and Annual General meeting + Statutory Registers + Compulsory Annual KYC for Directors

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Required Documents

  • Audited Financial Statements

  • Auditors’ Report

Minimum Requirements

  • DIN and DSC of Directors

  • Articles of Association

  • Memorandum of Association

  • Incorporation Certificate

FAQs For One Person Company Annual Compliance

Q. What are the benefits of this Annual package?

A. Many Companies are unable to keep up with the filing due dates and end up paying heavy penalties.
We believe in strong follow-up and reminder system to ensure that your filings are done on time.
Every Entrepreneur has to focus on the business and leave the legalities to able and trusted hands. Thousands of Companies have trusted us for their legalities.
There are lot of cost savings under Annual Package.

Q. What is AGM in case of One Person Companies and what are its Compliances?

A. In the case of One Person Company, there is only one shareholder, so there is no provision of AGM applicable on it.

Q. What is a Board Meeting in case of One Person Company and what are its Compliances?

A. In the case of a One person Company Having single director, Board of director meeting is exempted. However, in case of a One Person Companies having more than one director, board of directors meeting to be held as per provisions of the Companies Act 2013, just like Private Limited Company.

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