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Trademark Registration

A Trademark is a visual symbol, that can be a word, name, gadget, number or mark/symbol utilized by a business to add a one of a kind symbol of their goods or services from other comparable products or services given by any other business.

A trademark is a “brand” or “logo” that a brand or business can use to distinguish their product from those of their competitors. Through trademark registration or in simple words, logo registration/brand registration, you can protect your brand or logo by restricting other people from copying the same to misuse your brand’s market trust. By trademarking your logo or brand, a business is providing itself protection as after trademark registered it will be illegal to use the same logo or tagline.

A registered trademark is an intellectual asset for a business and is used to protect the company’s investment and market trust in the brand or symbol. After Trademarking your logo or brand, within a period of three days you will get a registered TM number which will act as trademark license provided by Trademark department but it takes almost 1.5 years for it to be registered in order to use ® symbol with your brand name. It is always best business practice to get Trademark registered or brand name registered because only getting your company registered will not protect your brand against those who might copy using identical or similar marks.

Trademark public search is an important step before trademark registration. You need to do a close search for trademark name as it will help you to avoid future problems.

SimplyBusiness is offering an assortment of trademark administrations like trademark documenting, trademark protest answer, trademark restriction, trademark reestablishment and patent enlistment. Get a free discussion for trademark enlistment by planning a meeting with a SimplyBusiness Trademark Expert.


Conduct Trademark Search and Select Appropriate Class

To ensure that special logo name filed is accessible or not, Trademark Search is executed by specialists. Contingent upon nature of your items, we will propose the appropriate class from the 45 classes.

Trademark Application Filing

SimplyBusiness make your Trademark application in 3 days and get your TM number

Trademark Registration Completed

Your trademark is enlisted in 1.5-2 years if no contender articles to your trademark application


Lawful Protection and Uniqueness To Your Brand

As in the present time we see individuals are copying nearly everything or item that is accessible in advertise. So in such conditions, just proprietors who have enlisted trademarks are permitted to make a move or sue for harms if there should be an occurrence of trademark or item encroachment. Every single enlisted trademark are substantial for a time of 10 years and can be reestablished for a time of an additional 10 years effectively by recording a trademark restoration application.

Intellectual Property Creation

Trademark makes a licensed innovation, which is an immaterial resource for an association. Enrolled trademark is a correct that can be sold, diversified or financially contracted.

Novel Representation

Trademark will assist build up a one of a kind personality to your image items or administrations. Contenders will be precluded to utilize your trademark for comparable merchandise or administrations

Trust or Goodwill

Enlisted trademarks make a feeling of confide in, generosity, and quality in the psyches of your client that your merchandise or administrations are one of a kind from whatever is left of the market. Enrolled trademarks make a mindfulness about your image into your clients that you think about your work or brand.

Required Documents

Identity and Business Proof

Identity confirmation like international ID, drivers permit, aadhaar card, voters id or apportion card for the trademark proprietor or individual approved by the trademark proprietor for recording the trademark application. In the instance of a legitimate entity or enlisted body, at that point organization deed or incoporation authentication or enrollment endorsement is required.

Logo with Tagline

On the off chance that the trademark application is made for a word, logo isn’t required. In every other case, logo must be submitted ideally in highly contrasting format. The logo must contain the correct words said in the trademark application.

Form-48 and User Affidavit

Form-48 approves an Attorney to record a trademark application for your sake with the Trademark Registrar. On the off chance that a claim for past utilize is made on the trademark application, at that point trademark client sworn statement must be submitted.

Identity Proof of Authorised Signatory
Signed Form-48, Application Form For Trademark Registration
Proof of Company Registration
Company Logo & User Affidavit


Q. What is the validity of a Trademark?

A. It is valid for a limited period of time i.e. for 10 years. But it is renewable indefinitely. You just need to pay the fee for trademark renewal every time.

Q. What is the difference between Trademark and Copyright?

A. A trademark is an intellectual property which is being assigned to a word or logo but on another hand, copyright assures you the protection for your unique content such as books, music, videos, songs or even software.

Q. How do I check availability of Trademark?

A. SimplyBusiness also acts as a trademark checker to help their customers to create a unique logo for themselves. SO, you can easily register a logo and get your TM number online.

Q. Can I use 'TM' with my Trademark?

A. After the application is registered with the government, a TM number is assigned by trademark department within 1-2 days of submission of application. After this, you can use TM with your brand.

Q. Will my registered trademark will be valid all over the world?

A. No! The registered trademark under Trademark Act 2000 is only valid in India. But in few other countries, it can be used as a base for registering the trademark in those countries.

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